Following the story of Callum Duff and his family as they embark on an adventure to unlock his potential and find his voice. Crowdfunding to help them on their way.


Callum does not fit any diagnosis and has baffled medics. Callum’s family have exhausted every therapy and specialist, including Great Ormond Street, in the UK since Callum was 2. Nobody seems to know the answers but they have remained positive and continue their search. We know his body and brain do not link. Callum does not speak and every day we witness Callum shut down a little more and enter deeper his internal torture.

We believe Callum could do much more but he regresses developmentally each day.

Following an overwhelming response to a Facebook appeal for information, Callum’s family received hundreds of lines of enquiry researching each one in desperate hope they would find the key to unlock Callum.

From this, they found a pioneering program in Canada which has helped countless non-verbal autistic children find their voice and begin processing the world to live a fulfilled life. Callum’s family has new hope.

Oakville Success Centre in Canada have invited Callum to try pioneering technology under their care and guidance using the Davis Autism Approach. The plan is to use a technological device called NOIT. NOIT can remove the chaos from Callum’s environment allowing him to function from a single perspective and achieve harmony.


Ultimately the combination of NOIT, teaching methods and the right environment could be the key to unlock Callum.

This is hugely encouraging, but trips to Canada and medical treatment abroad come at a cost. To support Callum’s family, we want to raise funds to cover the treatment including:

• Provision of Davis Autism Approach
• Accommodation
• Travel costs

Please help us unlock Callum so he can find his voice and reach his full potential.

Thank you.