Canada’s Wonderland = Wonderful! #UnlockCallum

What. A. Day!! 

By Hamish Duff

Kim’s having a night off blogging so I thought I’d have a go and tell you about our great day today.

Today we went to Canada’s Wonderland an epic theme park and started off in its Splash World, awesome rides in the great weather and not too busy to start with. 

We all went down the ring rides where we could all go together, harmless enough but queues big enough for us to say “box ticked” and off to find something else!

Euan and I, went on the “Plunge” which is a tube ride where you start standing in the top of the tube and then 3-2-1 and the floor disappears from beneath you as you plunge vertically. A few seconds of getting flung down the tubes later and you are ejected at the bottom.

After a couple of hours in, we finished with us all going down the race slide, yes Callum too!! (The blue slide in the photo below) Callum loved it, I turned round to see his smile beaming across his face and he sped down, awesome! More weight was definitely an advantage here as I left the family trailing in my wake!!

Callum, with the race slide behind – mission accomplished!

We then took Callum on the Minebuster ride which looked a decent ride for his height. Well, this turned out to be an experience for all. Callum has been on rollercoasters before and just enjoyed them. The Minebuster was a bit old and looked harmless enough from the profile of the slopes.

Anyway we started off and realised the wooden structure had plenty of “give in it”, we were shaken and stirred all over, I turned to Callum at the worst part to see a look of fear across his face that he had never expressed before, a sure fire sign his awareness is definitely on the increase. 

The ride came to a stop and I just had to hold Callum and reassure him everything was fine and we’d get off now. He was fine afterwards if a little shocked and the guilt washed over me and Kim to have put Callum through this!

The Minebuster – Not a good memory!

We stopped the exhilaration to grab some pizza for lunch and a bit of downtime from a full on morning. 

Then we figure we’d better tackle the log Flume or “Timberwolf Falls”. 

Getting wet was inevitable and good to do this in the middle of the day and 30 deg C temperatures! A good proper soaking later and Kim decided it would be a good idea to stand on the bridge above the flume! Another soaking later we squelched off in our wet shoes for an afternoon of looking like we’d wet ourselves?!

Kim with Callum on the bridge – Getting wetter

By now Euan’s yearning for speed and thrill was bursting and we went on the Vortex ride.

The Vortex

To be flung from pillar to post so soon after lunch was a bad idea certainly for me and a level of queasiness was felt by me for the first time in the afternoon.

Time now for the main attraction – Euan couldn’t wait any longer for the Leviathan, a signature ride with speeds up to 90mph and an 80 deg drop to start it all off. Callum wasn’t allowed on this due to height restrictions so Kim went with Euan first. Euan loved it, he had Kim gripping his hand all the way through and she shut her eyes for most of it! 

I wanted a go so Euan came with me for a second blast, it’s an awesome ride, so fast and a real feeling of weightlessness on a few occasions. The feeling of queasiness built.

We’d paid for the fast lane passes because queuing with Callum was not easy and not fair to put him through the hour long queues. This was great as we got on the rides really quickly but it also didn’t give much time for your stomach to recover from the upheaval?!

The Leviathan – 80 degree drop! 

Euan and I off for another ride 

Onto the Skyhawk now which was on the way to the other big ride the Behemoth. 

Skyhawk looked harmless enough but you could alter the pitch of the wings on the plane as you went round which if you did it enough would turn you upside down! I had a small go at this but soon stopped when I realised I might see my lunch again if I carried on. At the conclusion of the ride I was starting to think this was all becoming a bit much for my wellbeing!


So, onto Behemoth, the last big ride. Kim decided she would sit with Callum while I did the good dad thing and took Euan on. He was hell bent on going on this ride and I couldn’t let him down. The Behemoth reaches speeds of 79mph in under 4 secs with what seemed like never ending undulations. I joked to Euan that he’d better keep out of the way if my lunch had had enough of staying down, he laughed!

The Behemoth – look at the undulations.

We set off and plunged down the first drop, the acceleration was immense as we went up and down and round and up again and down again. By now the fact that we rarely had a gap between rides was beginning to take its toll. On about the third last drop the acid reflux sensation in the bottom of my throat was a big warning sign.

We finally came up for the last time and rounded the corner as car jolted to a slower speed. By now the queasiness had a feeling of inevitability about it. Euan tried to say something to me but all I could focus on was not throwing up!

I failed. I looked down to Kim who waved and then a look of slight concern appeared as it became apparent all was not well! We turned the final corner and another jolting change of speed was enough and by this time I was jolting myself trying not to throw up in my mouth! At long last we stopped, barely acknowledging Euan I sped down the stairs, briefly told Kim I had to find a washroom and well, you can probably guess the rest!! 

That was the signal to end the day! All in all we had an amazing day. We had seen different sides to Callum’s overall awareness and how it had expanded with both fear and exhilaration on show – wonderful.

What a dude….and me.

Euan told us as we were leaving the park that he had done over 14,000 steps at that point, yet no moans about tired, achy and wet feet, just how great the day had been, and with a few more laughs at my expense we headed home – very gently.



#unlockCallum: The power of pre-paving the way!

Something new happened today – the boys slept in until 7.30am – I cannot remember the last time this happened!!! Euan and Callum were both very settled and this is shown in their sleep patterns, I just hope/wish I can take this pattern back to the UK!

Today Desmond picked up Callum for their morning session and was full of enthusiasm. Desmond is the master at ‘pre-paving’ is aims of each day. This is very much like the strategy a successful sports person would use; they visualize every moment of their race leading to their desired outcome. They pave the way to success. This is the reason many sports stars take their win in their stride – they had seen that moment play out exactly as it happened over and over again! It’s the relatives that go crazy!! Desmond had pre-paved today with 100% commitment and I had no doubt Callum would walk into this and succeed.

You should try it, it works!!

Callum very happily went off to Desmond’s house. They had the house to themselves this morning and Desmond had a whole host of ideas up his sleeve. As ever Desmond was just going to observe Callum and pick the right moment/method when it arose to introduce Callum to a clay model of himself. Desmond was also intrigued to see whether Callum would be able to distinguish not only the clay model of himself but also differentiate it from Desmond’s. I really do enjoy hearing Desmond’s aspirations for Callum and I could not wait to hear the updates upon their return.

Whilst Callum enjoyed his time with Desmond, I took a few moments to read my book outside, Hamish watched Newcastle play football on the TV and Euan indulged in a couple of hours of ‘gaming’.

Desmond excitedly returned with an incredibly calm Callum at 11am. Callum had quite happily identified the clay model of himself and as Desmond’s Mum, Dr Cathy stated ‘This is beyond exciting. Way to go, Callum and Des!’ It is exciting because, as the Early Years Lead, Jane at school said, ‘Wow!! An identity! Fab steps.’ These two statements summarise the importance of Callum’s achievements today, Callum was recognizing himself as an individual!!

Here are the photo’s demonstrating how Desmond structured Callum’s learning today.

Desmond and I then indulged in a wonderful conversation about why today had been so successful and Desmond shared the experiment of Dr Emoto’s Rice Experiment. As I described in my previous blogs during our last visit to Canada we know Callum is able to pick up on a person’s physical actions, thoughts and energy without a word being spoken and if all three are not in harmony he will not thrive and he will show you through his behaviour they are not aligned. It harms him in a way I cannot explain but hopefully the below YouTube video will help make my point clearer.

Desmond’s explanation reminded me of the boys wrap around Daycare who run their plant project every day with all of the children. Basically one plant is called ‘no name’ and it’s ignored, another plant is called ‘Mother Mary’ and the children say kind words to it and the final plant is called ‘DawnLouise’ (the owner’s name of Omnipresence Nursery School) and the children sit still and think nothing but positive thoughts and send good energy to it. These were Euan’s words as I needed reminding of each one!

In a nutshell ‘no name’ has no leaves and looks dead, ‘Mother Mary’ looks healthy with some green leaves on it whilst ‘DawnLouise’ is thriving. This daily activity is a constant reminder to the children that our thoughts, non-actions and words can have a real physical affect on us all. This is the reason Callum feels so at home at Daycare – they get him on a physical, emotional and energy level. Omnipresence Nursery School is very special to us as a family due to the care and attention they have provided both Euan and Callum and are paving the way for how Nurseries should be set up and run. They are very unique.

Desmond explained something to me that I witness constantly with Callum and have always found it very difficult to explain to the person treating Callum in this way. Someone may say kind words to Callum but not mean them because they actually see him as ‘no name’ – Callum knows this because he feels it and this causes him so much damage! No wonder he started to retreat within himself!! This is why we feel so safe with Desmond; he understands Callum on so many levels and appreciates him for all of his qualities.

So on that note, I am off to bed to get some rest because tomorrow we are visiting Canada’s Wonderland and having a go on this rollercoaster:

We cannot wait!!



#unlockCallum: Happy Birthday Desmond!

Today was Desmond’s day off (although I’m not convinced he ever truly has a day off!) so we enjoyed being tourists and visited the African Lion Safari Park. Amazingly the boys slept in until 6.30am – A record in the Duff household! Both Euan and Callum just enjoyed pottering/watching movies this AM and were in no hurry to leave our room, so I enjoyed numerous cups of tea and caught up with everyone in the UK! Bliss!

Here we all are chilling out in our massive bed this morning.

 Check out how comfy Callum has independently made himself – he has only started doing this this week.

 Here’s Callum really focusing and engaging in his movie – he’s very happy and content here!

We arrived at the African Lion Safari Park and we hit the waterpark straight away, it looked way too exciting and the boys spotted it from the distance so we were the first in. We had the place to ourselves, which was perfect as Hamish and I could relax, and not fear losing Callum in the crowds.

It was a little overcast first thing so the water was cooler than normal but Callum enjoyed playing (yes I said playing!) for at least 45 minutes. Today we observed Callum wanting to try everything but he was hesitant if Euan wasn’t near. A few words of encouragement from Euan were all Callum needed and he would fling himself down all of the slides. At one point Callum was running from one slide to another and I’m convinced I heard him shout ‘slide!’ It was wonderful to see Callum really want to have Euan near him and his slight hesitation and look up for Euan were the only prompts Euan needed and would run over to Callum. The boys were playing together and it was a brilliant moment. Euan also felt chuffed to bits as Callum wanted his help!

Here are a few shots of the boys playing at the waterpark.

We enjoyed lunch whilst watching the elephants enjoying their daily swim in the lake. So graceful for such huge animals.  We then embarked on a new experience for Euan and Callum and queued for an elephant ride. I had know idea how Callum would respond to this experience but my intrigue got the better of me so we decided to give it a go. Euan sat in the front and I sat at the back with Callum in the middle of us, he was locked in safely between us and I cannot explain how I felt Callum’s whole body just relax as soon as he sat on the elephant. He was so incredibly relaxed and seemed mesmerised by the whole experience. He leaned into Euan and gave the most lovely sigh. Euan also loved this experience! 

I shared Callum’s reaction to this experience to Desmond this evening and he was not surprised at all and explained the elephant has tremendous energy and they are telepathic creatures. The way I felt Callum’s body relax so quickly was proof as to how content he was with the elephant and now I know why!

Here we are enjoying the animals in the safari park.

Desmond celebrated his birthday last weekend and tonight we were invited to join him, his wife Jo-Anne, son Tyler, daughter, Alana, Grandson, Aedan, his Mum, Dr Cathy and Dad, Ron. It was such a special evening and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We felt incredibly honored to share this special occasion with Desmond and his family. Callum has been visiting Desmond’s house everyday this week and somehow he had wriggled himself out of his seatbelt before I had stopped the car! He was so excited. He ran straight out of the car and was trying to open Desmond’s front door!

Within minutes of arriving I realized Callum’s NOIT gel pad had lost it’s stick so I took it off him. This was a bit of a risk but it was fascinating to observe how Callum coped so well without the NOIT all evening.

Callum enjoyed touching base with everyone with a gentle touch on their leg/shoulder whilst watching his favourite film, Rio 2. At one point Desmond spotted Callum look at Aedan’s toy, which was in Alana’s hand, as he walked past it as it made a noise. Callum turned his head in the direction of the noise and linked the noise to the correct toy, he was making links!!!

At dinnertime, Callum tried his food but he wasn’t too keen on sitting at the table. This was absolutely fine; it was a full table with lots of chatter and food that tasted different (although divine!) to the food at home. However, Callum was very happy to stay with us downstairs and watch his movie. He kept glancing over to us to check we were all still there which was such a change from when we enjoyed brunch during our last visit to Canada when he retreated to Desmond’s home office upstairs for most of the visit! Callum did stand on the bottom three steps of the stairs every now and then but always came back down after a few minutes. He definitely wanted to be near everyone this time round. All of this was without the NOIT!

We were all thrilled to bits with this change. Also Callum really liked being in Desmond’s son, Tyler’s space and would stop dancing in front of the TV when it was just Tyler and Callum in the living room and relax.

Here is Desmond, Callum and Tyler enjoying a hug whilst watching Rio 2.

Jo-Anne cooked an amazing French Candian dinner of Ragout de boulettes and sugar pie. Jo-Anne, thank you so much, it was incredible! The whole evening went so quickly due to everyone having such a lovely time celebrating Desmond’s birthday. We are so lucky to have you all as part of our family! xxx

Here is everyone from L to R: Jo-Anne, me, Euan, Hamish, Callum, Dr Cathy, Alana, Desmond and Ron 


#unlockCallum: Could Callum orientate himself without the NOIT…ABSOLUTELY!!

Yesterday evening we enjoyed supporting the Blue Jays Baseball team at the Rogers Centre in Toronto with the locals hence my lack of a daily update, it was a late night!

Prior to the Blue Jays game Desmond and Callum took Hamish, Euan and I swimming. This was a really important day for Desmond and Callum because Desmond has been requesting more of Callum’s brain and although Callum has been following Desmond’s lead brilliantly there’s been a shift and some downtime, without the NOIT was required. In addition Desmond wanted to see how Callum coped without the NOIT, would he be able to orientate himself naturally?

Here’s Desmond, Callum and Euan making their way to the pool:

When Desmond carried out his training he wore the NOIT for 8 hours a day and as a result he has a deep understanding of how demanding life is wearing the NOIT constantly. The NOIT’s main function is to help an individual re-focus every 8 seconds, this has been tremendously powerful for Callum but can imagine never being able to ‘switch off?’ It’s very intense for Callum so some playtime without the NOIT was required.
Callum stayed in the pool for over 40 minutes and although it took him about 10 minutes to settle he was so very calm and content once he did and he liked exploring the large steps in shallow water. Callum has always enjoyed the water, I think the water has always helped Callum’s body relax and today it seemed to have the same effect. Callum spent most of his time under the water where he demonstrated his excellent lung capacity as he can hold his breath for a very long time!!! Desmond pointed out how Callum really seemed to be exploring where his body began and ended. As always, once Desmond points anything out to me it seems so obvious and I could also see Callum figuring this out and he couldn’t get enough of this exploration. Callum was showing an interest in himself which is critical at this stage of his journey with Desmond.

We then went out for breakfast and both Euan and Callum were shattered. Despite feeling very tired Callum showed his cheeky personality whilst eating his bowl of fruit. Desmond was encouraging Callum to use his fork correctly instead of his hands. It was going pretty well and Callum was demonstrating how he can carry this task out but at one point he cheekily turn his head away from us and sneakily took the fruit off the fork which was by his mouth and used his fingers. Desmond saw this and said to Callum ‘are you being cheeky Mr Callum?’ to which Callum chuckled!

Callum had proved to Desmond that for two hours he had been able to orientate himself without the NOIT which represented a significant milestone from our previous visit to Canada. Callum was not able to do this during our first visit, he would bolt off or his behaviours would change instantly if the NOIT fell off! Way to go Callum!

Following our swim and breakfast we enjoyed a chilled couple of hours back in the hotel and then travelled on the train to Toronto. Callum coped really well with the crowds, noise and late night. We have never taken Callum to a sporting occasion before because we didn’t think he would sit for the time required. I am pretty certain Callum couldn’t give two hoots about the game but he was very happy to sit and watch his iPad and eat his way through the game. At one point I noticed Callum was gently swinging his legs back and forth and humming to himself as though self-soothing. When we noticed he was tired (just before the end of the game) we grabbed our bags and headed home.

Here we are enjoying the Baseball game.

A very tired Euan here!

The train was packed to the rafters with Blue Jay fans but again Callum coped – better than Hamish and I at some points. Of course we had to hold his hand constantly but he didn’t get distressed or anxious despite the crowds and his own tiredness. This was a great time for all of us to use our Davis tools; the station was really busy and we had to wait 10 mins for the train, once we got on the train it was really hot and we noticed Euan doing the ‘release’ to help him cope with the hustle and bustle. Hamish also explained to Dr Cathy this morning he used the ‘release’ during the train journey home. Just brilliant. The Davis tools can honestly help any individual be more aware of themself and cope better with any situation as a result – it really is very simple too!

We finally arrived home and following quick showers and supper we all fell asleep. Thankfully the boys slept until 7am!

Day 5 with Desmond: Friday 18th August 2017

Callum waited with eagerness for Desmond this morning and kept opening our hotel door and shouting his noises, he was ready! Once Desmond arrived in our room, Callum immediately gave Desmond fantastic eye contact a number of times and he signaled very quickly he was ready to go by opening our room door, so off we went! Whilst walking down the corridor Callum held Desmond’s hand and made lots of sounds – he was clearly telling Desmond all of his news. He barely paused for breath and it was lovely to listen to, I just wish I could understand what he was saying! Callum got straight into Desmond’s car without any hesitation. There had been a clear shift in Callum today and I am sure it was a result of yesterday’s ‘non NOIT’ day with Desmond. He needed the break and was raring to go again today!

Hamish, Euan and I drove to Dr Cathy’s office and completed our final session. We discussed ‘change’ ‘consequence’ ‘before’ ‘after’ ‘cause’ and ‘effect’. I am going to really struggle to explain the detail of today’s session because it is broken down into many parts so I am going to summarise them instead.

In a nutshell Callum does not understand any of these concepts, he doesn’t even know they exist, however The Davis Autism Approach method of teaching these concepts will help Callum understand and apply them when he’s ready. Through the clay (the visual prompt), the real life experiences linked to practical activities and the scripted verbal sentences the understanding of these concepts will be cemented in Callum. Whilst exploring these concepts I could think of so many children I work with at school who would benefit from The Davis Autism Approach, however Dr Cathy pointed out that the clay is the most fundamental part of the program as the children who need help are more than likely visual learners.

This morning’s session really helped me see how the tools are all there for Callum to understand these concepts and I felt very excited for his future – I know he will have an understanding of all of these and begin to live life to the full when he’s ready. For further information please do visit the following website:

Desmond and Callum met us at Dr Cathy’s and as ever we enjoyed listening to everything that Callum had achieved. Desmond explained how Callum went straight up to the box of clay when he entered Desmond’s office and started squeezing the clay in his hands. Callum didn’t pull as many little bits off the clay today, which is a change. Callum was squeezing the clay that much Desmond had to give him 3 new balls of clay as they went quite soft.

At one point Callum was squeezing the clay with one hand and had a raisin in the other. He paused and Desmond observed Callum squeeze the raisin and then look at the clay and squeeze it and appeared to be recognizing the two were different. Callum ate his raisin and then placed the clay in his mouth and Desmond responded with ‘it’s not food Callum’ and Callum promptly spat the clay out. This was a great series of events because Callum was showing he recognised they were different!

Following lunch the boys did not move off their bed and we all watched two movies – this never happens in our house but it was a very welcomed rest! We then popped out to the Supermarket for some groceries. We bought Callum some sunglasses as he really doesn’t like the sun in his eyes in the hope he would wear them, as normally he doesn’t. For the first time Callum was very happy to keep his sunglasses on but more importantly I saw Callum recognizing the path was looking different. He really dipped his head down and was staring at the path. Callum was noticing there was a change, the path was darker and this intrigued him! I don’t think I would have recognised this subtle observation and verbalise this ‘change’ to Callum had we not completed our training with Dr Cathy. It was great knowing I could help him in the right way.

Callum proudly wearing his new sunglasses!

I’ve noticed Callum becoming increasingly more independent and less reliant on Hamish and I during his bedtime routine during the past couple of nights. Whenever we have need Callum to sit still and relax his body before bedtime either Hamish or I have needed to sit with him. However, this evening, Callum lay on the bed by himself and enjoyed watching his movie whilst I put the clothes away in the same room. You can see in the picture below how content he is with himself, he did not need us to reassure him and help him rest – he was self-regulating. He’s also crossing his legs one-way and folding his arms another. I noticed he got a little bit fidgety when he got really tired but by his own accord he rested his head on his horse toy and immediately relaxed. This is such a change in Callum!

Here’s Callum calming down by himself before bedtime:

Tomorrow we are going to be tourists for the day followed by dinner at Desmond’s house– we cannot wait to see you Jo-Anne!

Before I log off tonight I would just like to say thank you to everyone who has sent their well wishes and comments of encouragement. Please rest assured that we read them all and they really do help.



#unlockCallum: Callum accepted the clay model of himself!

Using Desmond’s words, today was a ‘great…fabulous…fantastic day for Callum!’

Callum slept from 7pm – 5.15am so he was looking very refreshed this morning. However he didn’t want much breakfast, which is not normal at all, and we soon realised he had a tender tummy. This happened on the exact same day of our trip last time. Desmond picked this up immediately however Callum did not stop this hindering his work with Desmond!

Callum travelled to Desmond’s home office today and within the hour of Callum leaving the hotel Desmond sent me the below video of Callum rolling the clay independently! This is a huge step as it’s shows how at ease Callum is with the clay. Also, I have never seen Callum’s hand so in control and using the right amount of force to move the clay, it’s quite stiff. You will also notice in the video clip how his hand matches Desmond’s hand exactly. You will also see Callum move his hand back at the exact same spot on his thumb as Desmond does – incredible! Callum doesn’t usually imitate anything straight away but he has today!

Here is Callum rolling the clay for the first time! 


​Desmond then moved onto his second attempt of introducing a clay model of Callum. He did this by placing the clay model of Callum on skis following Callum’s very successful skiing lesson last week – it worked!!! Callum accepted this and you can see him pointing/touching the model. It was only yesterday Callum had rejected the clay model by squashing it in his hands… an incredible speed of change!

Here are the clay models of Callum on Skis, Callum on his tag-along bike with Hamish and a model of Shrek.

Callum was watching Shrek in Desmond’s home office so Desmond seized the opportunity to make a clay model of Shrek’s head, which has very distinct features of a big nose and antenna type ears! Desmond paused the movie at an appropriate point and held up his clay model of Shrek’s head next to his head on the movie – Callum looked at the clay model and then the TV image of Shrek and giggled – he had got the connection! Callum was recognizing the clay was representing real things! Callum’s perception of the world around him was getting clearer!

 The Duff’s Davis Stepping Stone Program learning continues…

This morning Hamish, Euan and I joined Dr Cathy for our second session and today we focused on gaining a greater awareness of ‘self’. In the Davis world our self is made up of body, mind and lifeforce and ideally we want all three to work in harmony. To understand these we all produced clay models and repeated Dr Cathy’s sentences as well as take a mental picture of our models. We all agreed this method was very powerful – especially for the visual learner, which the majority of ADHD and Autistic people are. Here are mine to provide you with the insight of our work.

My model of ‘body’

 My model of ‘mind’

 My model of ‘lifeforce’.

 Dr Cathy explained how we can begin to help to support Desmond’s work with Callum by reinforcing his work with some simple sentences. This afternoon Euan really enjoyed exploring with these sentences and I could see how his brain is like a sponge soaking up all of the information Dr Cathy is providing us.

We enjoyed a funny moment today when Dr Cathy asked Euan ‘do you prefer playing with the clay than listening to me?’ He replied ‘yes’ very matter of factually! Thankfully Dr Cathy was absolutely fine with this response as we could all see Euan was taking in a great deal of information and sharing his experiences of being dis-orientated quite freely. We discovered through our conversations that Euan is pretty good at doing this at school when something doesn’t grab his attention. I have to admit to being able to very easily dis-orientate myself as well if I get a bit bored with something!

Dr Cathy summed this dis-orientated state well. It’s that moment you drive straight past the exit on the motorway because you didn’t even realize it was there! Orientation is a state of being where you have an accurate perception of the world around you that is based on true facts/evidence. Callum is learning to come out of being in a constant state of dis-orientation to a state of orientation. After today’s session with Dr Cathy I have an even deeper sense of empathy of Callum. In many ways this change is helping Callum make sense of the world but then again it’s all new and that must be pretty daunting!

Callum has been very vocal today and there is definitely a shift in him and I’m not sure he knows where to place this shift yet or knows what to do with it. I asked Desmond his advice/view and he pointed out how Callum isn’t keen to leave us in the morning although he is absolutely fine when he’s with Desmond on his own. Desmond suspects Callum senses this trip is also our family holiday so Hamish, Euan and I need to up our game and make sure we reassure Callum that we will be seeing him after his time with Desmond. Desmond pointed out this was very similar behaviour to a toddler being dropped off at Nursery. So we’re going to explore changing the handover in the mornings by mirroring what I do at school with Callum to see if that helps. Desmond is also challenging Callum’s brain and you can see this is not a bad thing at all as Callum is following Desmond’s lead but it’s a further change.

Callum is progressing really well. He’s had to cope with a number of changes; Hamish and Euan are now here with us in Canada, he’s been introduced to the clay which is helping him be more aware of himself and as a result his perception of the world is ever changing. He is taking it all in his stride and we just need to make sure we’re constantly reinforcing everything Desmond is doing and telling Callum how proud we are of him!

We enjoyed a fab trip into Toronto this afternoon and visited CN Tower followed by a movie in bed!

A classic photo – I asked the boys to smile and Euan looked at me through the big lens! Callum is looking directly at the camera on my request though!!!

A refreshment pit stop up the top of CN Tower overlooking Toronto Island!

Bedtime hugs and a movie – Callum is very tired.

Tomorrow we are all looking forward to going swimming with Desmond and providing Callum with a twist to his treatment and we cannot wait!


#unlockCallum: Acceptance of the clay…on the first day!!!

Callum’s body clock is still readjusting to Canadian time so he woke up at 4.30am! Euan seamlessly just gets out of his bed, which is next to Callum’s and gets into our bed and promptly falls asleep and either Hamish or I go in with Callum – he knows the drill!

Today was a huge day as Desmond was hoping to introduce the clay to Callum. Callum began Step 1 of The Davis Stepping Stones Program with Desmond during our first trip to Canada in June. Step 1 focused on providing Callum the tools to allow him to be calm and relaxed through the use of the ‘release’ and the ‘energy dial’. Callum was of course also introduced to the NOIT.

Today Desmond was hoping to begin Step 2 of The Davis Stepping Stones Program which focuses on the ‘Awareness of Self’ which will help Callum become even more present in our world as well as develop accurate perceptions and gain an awareness of self. A very powerful concept that has the potential to make a tremendous impact on Callum. As Dr Cathy explained to Hamish, Euan and I Callum’s perception of the world is very different to ours. We cannot be sure what Callum sees or hears but we do know it doesn’t match our perception. I immediately appreciated how scary the world must have been and still is to a large degree for Callum. No wonder Callum retreated into himself – he could trust his own self/feelings in the chaos he was seeing and hearing!

For further information on The Davis Stepping Stones Program here’s the weblink that explains it in much more detail

I was incredibly aware of the importance of today for Callum and in normal circumstances I would have been full of trepidation, with a bit of anxiety and possibly some doubt. However, I felt nothing but sheer excitement and was very relaxed about the enormity of the potential of the day ahead. I knew how much thought Desmond had put into today and never doubted Callum wouldn’t do anything but follow Desmond’s lead.

I feel so incredibly safe with Desmond leading the way with Callum and I bet my feelings are nothing compared to Callum’s. Without a shadow of a doubt I know Desmond will always overcome anything that isn’t quite planned or anticipated – you wouldn’t believe (or maybe you do now) how many professionals have discharged Callum because he doesn’t fit their set path of diagnosis/treatment. They have given up on Callum yet we know with every ounce of our being that this is not even a thought for Desmond and I know Callum feels this. This is one of the reasons their bond is so strong.

Desmond arrived at our hotel to pick Callum up and Callum very happily walked to the car with Desmond. Callum repeated his pattern from yesterday, he didn’t want to get into the car initially so Desmond took Callum for a little walk, they had a hug and then Callum was ready to get into the car and they drove to Desmond’s home office.

Within an hour Desmond had sent me the below photo’s of Callum working/exploring with the clay. As Dr Cathy said these images were ‘remarkable’. Callum had only gone and accepted the clay immediately and we were all so very proud of him!

Here is Callum working with the clay – just look at his eyes – Callum is present!


Desmond had Callum’s favourite movie playing in the background and this is when Desmond seized the moment. At one part of the movie the birds started eating blueberries so Desmond grabbed the blueberries out of Callum’s bag and showed Callum the blueberries on the TV and the blueberries out of his bag and said ‘same’ to Callum. Callum looked at the blueberries the birds were eating, looked at his blueberries and ate his blueberries – he repeated this pattern until the box of blueberries had gone. Desmond could tell by the change in Callum’s eyes he understood they were the same. In this moment Callum had an accurate perception of what the blueberries were!

So, Desmond then made a clay model of a bird and placed his clay model next to the bird on the TV – Callum giggled – he understood they were the same! A tremendous achievement and a second accurate perception of something he was seeing! THE WORLD WAS STARTING TO MAKE SENSE TO CALLUM!

Throughout the morning Callum explored with the clay by rolling it, touching it and pulling small pieces off. You can see how content and in control he is when fiddling with the clay in the above photo’s. Callum always puts anything new straight into his mouth as this in the one sense he trusts the most – his gut doesn’t lie to him like his eyes and ears do! Callum did put the clay into his mouth initially but this soon stopped once Desmond used schools wording of ‘trust your hands Callum’ and ‘it isn’t food Callum’. Callum soon stopped putting the clay into his mouth.  Awesome!

Desmond explained he made a small clay model of Callum to represent ‘me’ and Callum would instantly grab the clay model and squash it with his fist unless the clay model was giving Callum kisses on his cheeks – Callum accepted the clay model in this context. I wondered whether this linked to the way Callum gives Desmond lots of kisses on his cheeks? Desmond explained that this was absolutely fine as Callum was just telling him I’m not quite ready for that just yet.

 The Duff Family Training led by Dr Cathy.

Whilst Callum was enjoying himself at Desmond’s home office, Hamish, Euan and I drove to Desmond’s Mum, Dr Cathy’s, house for our training of The Davis Stepping Stones Program. It was fantastic to see Dr Cathy again and introduce her to Hamish and Euan. However with the power of technology and our constant video calls, blogs and vlogs everyone felt as though they had met already!

I learnt so much when during our first trip to Canada and found it very difficult to verbally explain everything to Hamish and Euan when I returned back home. With life returning back to normal, time was something we did not have and often my explanations as to what we should have done/said as a family unit were reactive to a situation and not preventative. I had shared this with Dr Cathy and she very kindly rearranged her diary so Hamish, Euan and I could spend three mornings this week with her and work our way through the training. As I have said many times before Dr Cathy knows exactly how I feel, my struggles, my battles, the juggling and the pain of not being able to help unlock your child as she has walked that pathway herself. I trust her implicitly and felt so privileged and honoured to be receiving this training from Dr Cathy.

Callum never accepts half measures and I totally understand the importance of Hamish, Euan and I being on Callum’s page. We have to meet his needs as a family unit and help each other when we falter. It was wonderful to have Euan sitting in the middle of Hamish and I. He listened attentively and participated in everything asked of him as well as the discussions. When he needed a break he just stood up and Dr Cathy quickly followed this cue!

Hamish is very much the analyst, he will listen carefully, digest everything first and then form a view/opinion. I am open to everything and anything and follow my gut and therefore do not need all of the information first. Some may say we balance each other out! Euan ultimately follows his gut instinct, which is led by his emotions in most cases, but he then likes to understand everything, similar to Hamish. He’s a bit of a mix. To see our different personalities working today was fascinating and I loved it!

Dr Cathy led us through Step 1 of The Davis Stepping Stones Program and gave us the tools of the ‘release’ and ‘energy dial’ as well how to keep ourselves orientated. We then moved on Step 2: Awareness of Self and worked with the clay. The clay is a specially formed clay, it’s quite tough to mould which in itself is very therapeutic and is great for forming 3D models. Dr Cathy asked us to create something that has yet to be invented. Immediately Euan delved into the clay whilst Hamish and I really struggled to think of something. This just proved how ‘programmed’ Hamish and I were as adults!

Euan created a ‘Nether-Portal’ that was a special gateway, which led to another dimension through the crystal. Only certain people would be able to go through this Nether-Portal.


Hamish created ‘The Orb’ which was an emergency vehicle that could raise above other cars and get to the emergency quicker.


I created a ‘star catcher’ so people can borrow a star from the universe in their moment of need.

We then moved onto creating models of ourselves. Interestingly Euan struggled greatly with this task and he kept getting distracted and making other clay models linked to his ‘Nether-Portal’. Once Euan completed his model I realised he is still trying to figure out who he is which was highlighted by the big belt he placed around his waist. Dr Cathy explained quickly that the belt was Euan’s security mat. Euan explained to Dr Cathy that he likes his waist of trousers or shorts to be really tight around his waist – this is so very true of Euan. He then elaborated about how this is also the same of his shoes – he likes the laces to be really tight and he has to have the same pressure on each foot. Euan explained it helped him feel ‘balanced’. We have always respected both of these traits of Euan and make sure he feels comfortable and today highlighted to me how he’s still trying to figure himself out within our world.

 Euan’s clay model of himself

Hamish’s clay model of himself

My clay model of myself

Desmond returned to Dr Cathy’s with Callum and boy he was loud! He was telling us, in his own way, about his morning as well as reconnecting with Dr Cathy by gently placing his hand on her shoulder or back.

This morning couldn’t have gone any better and once again I am in awe of everything Desmond has achieved through the methods of The Davis Stepping Stones Program. Callum is so open to everything Desmond places in front of him it’s incredible and I cannot wait for tomorrow!




#unlockCallum: Callum and Desmond reunite!    

Today was the day, Callum and Desmond were going to be reunited and we were all so excited and no one more so than Callum. He was ready and could not get out of our hotel door quick enough, he ran down the corridor shouting, he shouted all the way down in the lift and all the way round the corridor until we got to the reception area. Everyone in the hotel’s restaurant area was aware something big was going on, they didn’t know what but they smiled! In our haste and excitement, we were early and so Desmond hadn’t arrived. To distract Callum I took him to the toilet and upon our return Hamish and Euan excitedly informed us Desmond had arrived!

This morning was all about Callum and Desmond reuniting and in true Davis Autism Approach Desmond let Callum lead this whole process and I remembered how much I enjoyed watching this process unfold.

So, to begin with Callum was always near Desmond and kept his eyes on him constantly. I was waiting for Callum to give Desmond a big hug but he was going to make us all wait just a little bit longer for that! We all went back up to our hotel room and we could tell how excited Callum was to have Desmond in his space once again. Callum ran from room to room and at times touched Desmond’s back fleetingly but his eyes were always checking in on Desmond. A few times Callum would stand very still on the exact spot Desmond had stood on when we first arrived in our room. There was a constant exchange of energy between Callum and Desmond.

Callum then started to raid the fridge (again!) so I gave him a bowl of cereal and whilst eating this he allowed Desmond to touch his back and sometimes Callum would rest back on Desmond’s hand. This lasted for approximately 10 minutes and was very important in the process of Callum reuniting with Desmond. I have used the words ‘reunited/reuniting’ instead of reconnecting – Desmond and Callum have remained connected since we left Canada. Callum just needed to be given a little bit of time to let Desmond ‘back in’.

After a cup of coffee and mapping out our first week Desmond suggested we all went for a walk in Hilton Falls. Desmond, Callum and I nearly did this during our last trip but the weather took a turn for the worse so we decided to leave it until our next visit. It was in the carpark of the hotel Callum requested a big hug from Desmond. It was magical and the first step to Callum welcoming Desmond back into his life. It was one of those moments that you know you cannot touch or intervene with but an absolute joy to witness.

 Desmond and Callum reuniting

Interestingly Callum didn’t want to travel in Desmond’s car, he showed us this by walking Desmond away from the car and then on our second attempt Callum tried to close the door. We took the hint and followed Callum’s lead. Callum came with Hamish and I and Euan went with Desmond. On the drive to Hilton Falls Euan chatted to Desmond the entire journey and I have no doubt this was very important for Euan and I wondered did Callum orchestrate this? Quite possibly yes! Euan has a very important role in helping unlock Callum and it was vital he bonded with Desmond during this moment. This trip is going to have a tremendous impact on Euan, he is going to become incredibly aware how his actions/non actions affect Callum and hopefully he will be able to read Callum even more so.

Once we arrived at Hilton Falls we began our ‘Forest Bath’ walk in the breathtaking environment, it was incredible! Callum started the ‘Forest Bath’ with his shoulders hunched and fists clenched but returned to the car with relaxed shoulders, unclenched fists and a steady walking movement. Time with Desmond in the forest had worked. Not only was Callum relaxed, he had let Desmond ‘back in’. Halfway through the forest Callum requested a hug from Desmond and gave him lots of kisses – this was the moment we had been waiting for – the reunion was complete!!

Here we are enjoying the ‘Forest Bath’ in the stunning Hilton Falls.


On the way home Callum peacefully fell asleep, a pattern he had during our last visit in Canada and similar to that of a toddler.


Something wasn’t quite right with the NOIT. I could tell the ‘tinging’ sound wasn’t as sharp and the gaps between the tings had increased beyond the 8 seconds. Desmond had called Beth, Director of NOIT research this morning to see if she could pop over to check it for us. It was wonderful to see Beth again; her infectious enthusiasm and aspirations for Callum are brilliant. Immediately Beth could hear there was an issue with the NOIT. She had spotted a bit of dirt that was interfering with the ting sound and Callum had changed the settings on the NOIT so the ting was delayed to 10 seconds. We had no idea the NOIT had this ability and just shows the depths of it’s hidden abilities. The rationale behind this function is to help people wearing the NOIT to slowly wean them off it – very clever indeed.

I asked Beth to explain what changes Ron Davis had made to Callum’s new NOIT as it was making a huge improvement. The biggest change is that Ron had handmade every single particle of the NOIT. The care and attention put into this NOIT was something I’m convinced Callum has been picking up on. We are so very grateful to Ron’s dedication to helping Callum and designing this new NOIT to meet Callum’s physical needs!

Ron Davis

This evening Beth had invited us round to her house for a Bar-B-Que and we had the best time! We met Beth’s two lovely daughter’s Paige and Julia. Callum took a particular shine to Julia and showed this by giving her hugs. Now this might have something to do with Julia letting Callum play with her phone but we know Callum would have instantly bonded with Julia because she has successfully complete the Davis Dyslexia Programme and now looking to support other’s who need similar help. Callum does astound me at times as to how he does this!

We also had the honour of meeting Tara and Randy who are the parents of Tyler who was the first ever child to wear the NOIT when he was 8 years old. Tyler is now 13 and an absolute pleasure to be with. It was wonderful and so relaxing to meet parents who understand exactly where we are in our quest to help unlock Callum. I enjoyed a lovely few moments with Tyler, he showed me how the fan worked in Beth’s room as well as where the cat was hiding under the bed. Callum liked to be near Tyler and I was intrigued to see if Tyler could understand Callum’s shouting (he was certainly making his presence felt!). Tyler responded with ‘No, too loud’ and then put his hands over his ears. I quite simply agreed with Tyler and replied ‘yes, he is a bit’.

Then Ray Davis arrived home. Ray is the son of Ron Davis, wife of Beth and a very good friend of Desmonds. Tyler had been calling for Ray and the nearer Ray got to arriving home the more persistent Tyler got with his call outs and we are convinced Callum began shouting ‘ay, ay’ as well – the boys were having a ‘shout off’ for Ray which is pretty amazing when you remember they were both non-verbal before they used the NOIT!

Ray has a natural affinity with children, all of whom are drawn to him and I completely understand this as I enjoyed a wonderful conversation with Ray in which he advised me to be brave and start stepping back a little bit each day and let Callum come out fully. I could have chatted to Ray all night long but it was late and Callum was ready to return to the hotel. I am sure there will be another opportunity to catch up with Ray again very soon though.

Callum and Ray Davis

Today has been brilliant and I am so very pleased Callum’s reunion with Desmond was special. #unlockCallum continues in earnest!

Here’s Callum fast asleep on Euan after a busy yet exciting day!


#unlockCallum: We have returned to Canada!

On 12th August 2017 Callum and I flew back out to Canada so Callum can receive further intensive treatment with Desmond but this time we were joined by Callum’s Dad, Hamish and older brother, Euan. Callum definitely understood what was happening. He gave me the biggest smile when I showed him our suitcases and explained we were flying back to Canada to see Desmond before we left the UK.

When we arrived at the airport, Callum dragged me through the main doors and was running to the check in whilst shouting loudly – he was on a mission as you can see and hear below!

​The flight was brilliant despite a couple of hours delay, both Euan and Callum are brilliant travellers which always surprises me due to their high energy levels. However the combination of movies on tap, iPad/iPod whenever they want and a constant supply of food certainly helps keep them entertained! We collected our hire car and soon arrived at the hotel.

Here’s Callum having a quick power nap on the plane.

Here’s Euan – eyes glued to the TV screen!

Callum got out of his carseat and again pulled me very forcefully (whilst running) through the hotel’s main door. His awareness of what was going on had definitely increased and his memory was proving very sharp. The hotel had very kindly agreed to reserve us the same room Callum, my Dad and I had stayed in during our last visit as I hoped it would help Callum settle quickly. Desmond had also popped in and dropped off some groceries and put up a lot of our family photo’s on the walls before we arrived. This was a lovely surprise when we opened the door and immediately everyone felt so relaxed.

Callum’s behaviours were fascinating to watch, he went straight to his bed and just laid on it very still and peaceful for a minute, he then walked around our room checking it out as well as enjoying a mini ‘parkour’ session between the two beds in his room!!

Following a bath and dinner the boys were both sound asleep and amazingly slept until 6.30am.

Today was all about acclimatising to being back in Canada so we visited my favourite destination: Niagara Falls and Niagara on the Lake. It was brilliant to experience this awe-inspiring spectacular as a family. Euan has just slotted right into life here at Canada and the YouTube videos Adam put together during our last visit have certainly helped Euan settle in so quickly.

The amazing view of the Niagara Falls Horseshoe from The Maid of Mist.

Totally soaked – again!

Callum was definitely calmer this morning than when we first visited Niagara Falls, however there was an air of excitement about him that has just grown and grown with each hour of the day. We tried all of our usual tricks to meet his sensory needs, which had increased throughout the day due to his excitement, but nothing helped relax him. Around 6.30pm I sat with Callum watching Shrek in the Cinema room here in the hotel and a certain part got him very excited so much so I had to take him out of the room to calm him down. I think he scared himself. This is not normal behaviour for Callum and I am convinced he knows we are close to Desmond. Thankfully after this Callum calmed down and relaxed again.

Tomorrow morning we will be reuniting Callum with Desmond and I cannot wait to see how Callum reacts to seeing Desmond. Part two of #unlockCallum begins in earnest tomorrow and I cannot wait.

Here’s Desmond Smith who has been instrumental in helping Callum unlock himself.

I will be blogging at the end of each day to share Callum’s journey, which will include videos. My brother, Adam produced the VLOGs at the end of each day during our last trip, however he has recently started a new job and flying out to San Francisco next week so time is a bit tight. Adam is going to see what he can do with regards the VLOGs but it might be he produces a longer one at the end of our trip.

We have been able to fly back out to Canada once again due to the incredibly generous people who have donated to Callum’s Just Giving Page and I feel it is only right we share Callum’s awesome journey with you all.

I have learnt so much from Callum since our last visit to Canada; I have a greater understanding of him and therefore a deeper appreciation of him as the unique individual he is. Callum has challenged me to see everything differently and as a result think differently, he’s pushed me right outside my comfort zone and I’m aware he’s had a similar affect on others as well.

Tomorrow we are all going to be stepping even further outside of our comfort zones as Callum enters the next stage of his journey with Desmond. BRING IT ON!


#unlockCallum: Week 2 of the summer holidays – let’s get PHYSICAL!

I meant to post this blog on Sunday but Callum’s cycling achievement post surpassed this but better late than never!

This week has been awesome with lots more ‘firsts’ and we celebrated Callum turning 7! After last week I decided Callum and I would embrace anything ‘physical’ so we have visited lots of new parks, swimming pools been on lots of bike rides, walks and a trip to our trusted chiropractor, Maxine.

At 7.30am on Monday morning Callum’s new NOIT arrived from California, Ron Davis had been working hard on producing a ‘Callum proof NOIT’ and my goodness we could notice the difference in Callum immediately! I’m not sure of the exact changes that Ron made to this NOIT but Callum was different and his calmness and focus were incredible and better than I’ve ever known. Callum was firmly orientated and therefore soaking up everything put in front of him. This week started better than ever.

The new NOIT – ‘Callum proof!’

I have already shared Callum’s amazing cycling achievements but on Sunday Hamish and Callum collected a ‘tag along’ for Callum – we were so excited to try this! Desmond had given us some great tips; we needed to show Callum with Euan on the ‘tag along’ so he gained an understanding of how it worked and what he needed to do first. Then we tried Callum on it so he could gain the knowledge. This was a huge step for Callum and there was no doubt in my mind that he was going to love it.  Since writing this post we have been out on the tag along and it was amazingly successful!

Here’s Callum cycling!

Beth, Director of NOIT research and Heidi, a Davis Facilitator based in Australia are both part of Callum’s ‘Canadian Village’ on our Facebook Messenger group and both spotted Callum talking. Hamish and I hadn’t spotted it but you can clearly hear Callum saying ‘Here I go go’ in the first clip and ‘There or now I go’ in the second clip. Callum sounds as though he is singing and this is how he’s said all of his new words for the first time, second time round.

Video of Callum chatting – listen carefully! 

These statements from Callum symbolise so much – the fact he’s saying ‘I’ is further evidence of him beginning to understand himself as an individual. This is a wonderful platform for Desmond to build upon when we return to Canada on Saturday! Also, it is fabulous to hear Callum’s voice as he sounds so happy!

On Monday we visited Stanwick Lakes which is a fantastic wooden park involving water play. Callum explored every area of the park and climbed on most parts. This is such a change in Callum as he has been fearful of trying new experiences for many years. I witnessed Callum apply his climbing skills and knowledge to new apparatus and he was problem solving independently and also demonstrating a clear understanding of risk. Most importantly he was assessing the risks and overcoming them by placing his hands and feet strategically to climb certain apparatus. Callum’s Canadian Village were really noticing ‘Callum’s new skills and/or greater degree of awareness and engagement in Callum’s play.’

Callum is also responding well to me saying ‘Let Mummy help you Callum.’ He will now look at me intently and I know that’s my cue to say this statement, he then waits for me and off we go. This again is something new as last week he would ignore this and just run off from a new piece of equipment. Finally Callum was seeking help to tackle new concepts/ideas/equipment.

I had really noticed a decline in Callum’s use of words and this really did concern me as it was one of my biggest fears with Callum being at home with me. I know him too well, without realizing I can read a flicker of his eyes, tilt of his head, dip of a shoulder and know exactly what he wants. This means he doesn’t have to use his words to get his needs met. So I sent an SOS message to Callum’s Canadian Village via a facebook group and Heidi came to the rescue and shared some brilliant words of wisdom from her Mum ‘Children cannot do everything at once; they will often drop off pause progress in one area as they learn a new skill.’ Basically, don’t panic and ironically once I chilled out about this blip, Callum started to use his voice more and more as the week progressed!

Callum’s was born on 2nd August 2010 at 9.45am and weighed a substantial 8lb 12oz and last Wednesday we celebrated Callum turning 7! Since Callum turned 4, I have always struggled celebrating his birthday as in my mind the gap between Callum’s development and his actual age was just growing bigger and bigger with each passing year. If I’m honest I would feel nothing but sadness for the now and fear for the future on his birthday’s.

However, this year was different! Yes, Callum is getting older but he has made such great progress in the 7 weeks since we met Desmond – he’s on the move and that gap is narrowing ever so slightly. Callum’s future is looking brighter, especially with Desmond right by his side! So off we went to a farm with Callum’s cousins, Edward and Florence, Euan and my Mum and Dad. Here are a few pictures of our day…

Here’s Callum feeding the mad goats (who he was very content with!) and showing an understanding of sequence.

Callum loved climbing in the wind and rain – he does love this weather so we embraced it and got soaked!

We then finished the day with cake!

After all of that celebrating Callum and I visited our friend Maxine on Thursday. Maxine is a chiropractor that I met in 2004 during my Marathon training days and we visit Maxine frequently as a family. Euan and Callum have both inherited my joint hypermobility so visiting Maxine is critical to them both especially during growth spurts. Maxine has treated Euan and Callum since they both turned 6 weeks old and they know the drill! For the past 12 months Maxine has carried out a cranial massage on Callum and he loves it so much so it sends him into a meditative state! Maxine gave me a cranial massage not so long ago so I could experience the effect Callum feels – if you have never had one I would highly recommend it, especially if you suffer with headaches/migraines.

Usually Callum lets Maxine work on him for up to 15 minutes. However, during this treatment Callum laid still for up to 30 minutes and was very content with Maxine massaging his head. Maxine and I agreed that he must have really needed this today so we followed his lead! We now only have a week until we fly back to Canada and I need to make sure Callum has no blocks in his energies and ready for when I hand him over to Desmond. Therapies such as Cranial Massages and Reiki are critical to Callum.

Here’s Callum enjoying his treatment.

Callum also started to show signs that the Davies world calls ‘individualising’. Here’s a picture a took of Callum sitting in the front seat of the car (I did pull over to take this). Look at how he’s recognizing his arms and legs can do different things and how content he is with this! This is a great step for Callum and shows how comfortable he is in his own skin.

So….we are getting ready to fly back out to Canada so Callum can work alongside Desmond and it cannot come soon enough! Today I began packing and although I have been telling Callum lots we will be flying back to Canada to see Desmond, seeing the cases brought a lovely smile to Callum’s face – he really does understand and is clearly happy to be returning to his buddy Desmond very soon!

We cannot wait!!