#unlockCallum: News Flash – First Family Bike Ride in 4.5 Years!

There are quite simply no words to describe what just happened so I’m going to leave it up to the videos and pictures.

Hamish managed to source a ‘Tag along’ this morning so we’ve just been out on our first family bike ride in 4.5years. It was such fun and Callum did so well and within minutes of being introduced to the Tag along we were off on a 4 mile family bike ride. Of course we stopped off at the local pub for refreshments!

#unlockCallum is working and we are slowly beginning to enjoy our family activities again!

Test run outside the house = huge success so off we went! 

Look at Callum and listen to ‘Coach Euan’ giving brilliant praise! 

Chatty Callum, a sure sign of happiness! 

The obligatory refreshment pit stop at our local pub! 

What an awesome day! X


One thought on “#unlockCallum: News Flash – First Family Bike Ride in 4.5 Years!

  1. Just listened to this again, first time round I thought it was Euan shouting, “Go, go, go!” But, since you mentioned it, we’ve both agreed it’s definitely a Callum, “Here I go!” Just amazing! What a wonderful thing to happen to a wonderful boy and a wonderful family. Xx


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