#unlockCallum: Week 2 of the summer holidays – let’s get PHYSICAL!

I meant to post this blog on Sunday but Callum’s cycling achievement post surpassed this but better late than never!

This week has been awesome with lots more ‘firsts’ and we celebrated Callum turning 7! After last week I decided Callum and I would embrace anything ‘physical’ so we have visited lots of new parks, swimming pools been on lots of bike rides, walks and a trip to our trusted chiropractor, Maxine.

At 7.30am on Monday morning Callum’s new NOIT arrived from California, Ron Davis had been working hard on producing a ‘Callum proof NOIT’ and my goodness we could notice the difference in Callum immediately! I’m not sure of the exact changes that Ron made to this NOIT but Callum was different and his calmness and focus were incredible and better than I’ve ever known. Callum was firmly orientated and therefore soaking up everything put in front of him. This week started better than ever.

The new NOIT – ‘Callum proof!’

I have already shared Callum’s amazing cycling achievements but on Sunday Hamish and Callum collected a ‘tag along’ for Callum – we were so excited to try this! Desmond had given us some great tips; we needed to show Callum with Euan on the ‘tag along’ so he gained an understanding of how it worked and what he needed to do first. Then we tried Callum on it so he could gain the knowledge. This was a huge step for Callum and there was no doubt in my mind that he was going to love it.  Since writing this post we have been out on the tag along and it was amazingly successful!

Here’s Callum cycling!

Beth, Director of NOIT research and Heidi, a Davis Facilitator based in Australia are both part of Callum’s ‘Canadian Village’ on our Facebook Messenger group and both spotted Callum talking. Hamish and I hadn’t spotted it but you can clearly hear Callum saying ‘Here I go go’ in the first clip and ‘There or now I go’ in the second clip. Callum sounds as though he is singing and this is how he’s said all of his new words for the first time, second time round.

Video of Callum chatting – listen carefully! 

These statements from Callum symbolise so much – the fact he’s saying ‘I’ is further evidence of him beginning to understand himself as an individual. This is a wonderful platform for Desmond to build upon when we return to Canada on Saturday! Also, it is fabulous to hear Callum’s voice as he sounds so happy!

On Monday we visited Stanwick Lakes which is a fantastic wooden park involving water play. Callum explored every area of the park and climbed on most parts. This is such a change in Callum as he has been fearful of trying new experiences for many years. I witnessed Callum apply his climbing skills and knowledge to new apparatus and he was problem solving independently and also demonstrating a clear understanding of risk. Most importantly he was assessing the risks and overcoming them by placing his hands and feet strategically to climb certain apparatus. Callum’s Canadian Village were really noticing ‘Callum’s new skills and/or greater degree of awareness and engagement in Callum’s play.’

Callum is also responding well to me saying ‘Let Mummy help you Callum.’ He will now look at me intently and I know that’s my cue to say this statement, he then waits for me and off we go. This again is something new as last week he would ignore this and just run off from a new piece of equipment. Finally Callum was seeking help to tackle new concepts/ideas/equipment.

I had really noticed a decline in Callum’s use of words and this really did concern me as it was one of my biggest fears with Callum being at home with me. I know him too well, without realizing I can read a flicker of his eyes, tilt of his head, dip of a shoulder and know exactly what he wants. This means he doesn’t have to use his words to get his needs met. So I sent an SOS message to Callum’s Canadian Village via a facebook group and Heidi came to the rescue and shared some brilliant words of wisdom from her Mum ‘Children cannot do everything at once; they will often drop off pause progress in one area as they learn a new skill.’ Basically, don’t panic and ironically once I chilled out about this blip, Callum started to use his voice more and more as the week progressed!

Callum’s was born on 2nd August 2010 at 9.45am and weighed a substantial 8lb 12oz and last Wednesday we celebrated Callum turning 7! Since Callum turned 4, I have always struggled celebrating his birthday as in my mind the gap between Callum’s development and his actual age was just growing bigger and bigger with each passing year. If I’m honest I would feel nothing but sadness for the now and fear for the future on his birthday’s.

However, this year was different! Yes, Callum is getting older but he has made such great progress in the 7 weeks since we met Desmond – he’s on the move and that gap is narrowing ever so slightly. Callum’s future is looking brighter, especially with Desmond right by his side! So off we went to a farm with Callum’s cousins, Edward and Florence, Euan and my Mum and Dad. Here are a few pictures of our day…

Here’s Callum feeding the mad goats (who he was very content with!) and showing an understanding of sequence.

Callum loved climbing in the wind and rain – he does love this weather so we embraced it and got soaked!

We then finished the day with cake!

After all of that celebrating Callum and I visited our friend Maxine on Thursday. Maxine is a chiropractor that I met in 2004 during my Marathon training days and we visit Maxine frequently as a family. Euan and Callum have both inherited my joint hypermobility so visiting Maxine is critical to them both especially during growth spurts. Maxine has treated Euan and Callum since they both turned 6 weeks old and they know the drill! For the past 12 months Maxine has carried out a cranial massage on Callum and he loves it so much so it sends him into a meditative state! Maxine gave me a cranial massage not so long ago so I could experience the effect Callum feels – if you have never had one I would highly recommend it, especially if you suffer with headaches/migraines.

Usually Callum lets Maxine work on him for up to 15 minutes. However, during this treatment Callum laid still for up to 30 minutes and was very content with Maxine massaging his head. Maxine and I agreed that he must have really needed this today so we followed his lead! We now only have a week until we fly back to Canada and I need to make sure Callum has no blocks in his energies and ready for when I hand him over to Desmond. Therapies such as Cranial Massages and Reiki are critical to Callum.

Here’s Callum enjoying his treatment.

Callum also started to show signs that the Davies world calls ‘individualising’. Here’s a picture a took of Callum sitting in the front seat of the car (I did pull over to take this). Look at how he’s recognizing his arms and legs can do different things and how content he is with this! This is a great step for Callum and shows how comfortable he is in his own skin.

So….we are getting ready to fly back out to Canada so Callum can work alongside Desmond and it cannot come soon enough! Today I began packing and although I have been telling Callum lots we will be flying back to Canada to see Desmond, seeing the cases brought a lovely smile to Callum’s face – he really does understand and is clearly happy to be returning to his buddy Desmond very soon!

We cannot wait!!



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